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This is a practice workshop focused practising Clean distractions in trauma informed communication and therapy.

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Time and Location

25 feb. 2024 16:00 – 18:00 CET

About this event

This is a practice workshop focused practising Clean distractions in trauma informed communication and therapy. 

Being able to distract safely, with efficacy and playfully is a part of Clean Communication, and a skill used in EFT, CBT, ACT, EMDR, TTT and Havening Techniques - basically any situation where you want to be able to safely guide a client away from what may be an abreaction or flooding by know how to distract, when to distract and how - and being able to calibrate this in the moment. 

In this practise group we focus on training Clean Distractions and mastering the skill. 

This means that you will need to participate with your video on and interacting with others. It means that. even if there is a recording it won't be possible to train the actual skill by watching it. 

Prior knowledge needed: none

If you have already trained Clean Communication you will be reminded, if not you will be informed.

You can bring any issues, questions, specific cases and personal reflections, they will be answered. 

Clean Communication is to my learning the safest and most efficient way to work with coaching, therapy and humanitarian outreach regardless of situation and complexity - regardless of your level of experience.


When you have paid for this training 

- you will receive a recording after

- You will get materials and mentoring

- I will follow up with Q&A in a Whatsapp group 24/7

When: 25th February 2 hours 

Where: Zoom


Sweden CET 4-6pm

London 3-4pm

Los Angeles 7-9am

New York 10-12am

Delhi, India 8.30-10.30pm

Time is aimed at people in US-Europe .

Australia and New Zealand trainings are planned. 

Check with

We will train in depth with fun and mentoring and examples from working with coaching, trauma therapy, team building and peak performance. 

Price: 49 Euros

Everybody can be triggered by how we communicate, therefore all communication can be trauma informed: Clean.

I will explain how I prepare a session from the initial contact to empowering the client to hold their own space in life, and how to do the same for yourself.


Ulf Sandström

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