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Clean Metaphors - a part of Clean Communication

This is a practical workshop focused on how to use the incredible power of metaphors in a Clean way with Efficacy and Playfulness.

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Clean Metaphors - a part of Clean Communication
Clean Metaphors - a part of Clean Communication

Time and Location

07 apr. 2024 14:00 – 18:00 CEST

About this event

Do you wish to bring your communication skills to a new level?

In this practical workshop you will learn how to use one of the most efficient tools of communication, metaphors, in a clean way that guarantees efficacy and is delivered with playfulness. It will improve you communication and your way to work with coaching, therapy and any type of peak performance regardless of situation and complexity - regardless of your level of experience.


When you have paid for this training

- you will receive a recording after

- you can join anytime the training is repeated in the future

- You will get materials and mentoring

. I will follow up with Q&A meetings

When: Sunday April 7 2024

Where: Zoom


I have tried to make the time and day work for people in US-Europe-India. 

Check with

Time Zone - Sweden CET 14-19:00

New York -  8am-1pm

Los Angeles - 5am-10am

London - 1pm-6pm

We will explore experiences and principles of metaphoric techniques, with examples from working with coaching, trauma therapy, team building and peak performance. 

Price: 99 Euros

Parts included

  • Metaphors
  • Similies
  • Cultural markers
  • The metaphoric brain process 
  • How to stay Clean and trauma informed
  • Creating a suitable library
  • Creating metaphors
  • Eliciting metaphors
  • Shifting metaphors 
  • Using metaphors to resolve trauma
  • Generalization and metaphors

Everybody is in a performance state that is either good or bad, all the time. Knowing how to change this is life changing.

I will explain how I prepare a session from the initial contact to empowering the client to hold their own space in life, and how to do the same for yourself.


Ulf Sandström

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