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SomeObject Desktop is a powerful emulator for all kinds of application. "SomeObject Desktop" lets you develop your own multi-platform applets. SomeObject Desktop use API's for its multi-platform capability. You can use any of them and even implement your own ones: ■ Win32 API with great support of all Windows 2k/XP hardware, software and services. ■ OpenGL/DirectX8.0 and 3D graphics creation and manipulation (using free software and OpenGL libraries) ■ Virtual file system for any kind of applications. ■ Real-time physics simulation and fast collision detection system. ■ Power particle effects engine. ■ Game and Media playback with MPEG, AAC, MP3, AAC, VQF, OGG, MP2 and MP1 plugins for fast and real audio/music playback SomeObject Desktop also offers: ■ Collection of GUI objects: handle, menu, button, label, scrollbar, textbox, listbox, dialog, tree, tooltip ■ Skinning for GUI's objects. ■ Real-time physics simulation and real-time collision detection. ■ Virtual file system for distributed application. ■ Fast and easy to use embedded Java script (no need for applets install) Use the Software: 1. Run the "SomeObject Desktop" from the WINSERVICES on Windows XP/2000. 2. It uses ONE WINDOW and doesn't show the desktop. 3. Don't install the applet. 4. Run "SomeObject Desktop." How to install the Applet: 1. Don't install the applet (from the special 2. Download the from the special home page and install it. 3. Double-click on the applet launcher in the windows tray. This is the applet's installation window. 4. Choose the desktop you want to run your applet (at home page). 5. Click on the Start button. Installation is done Download Now: SomeObject Desktop: (402 KB) We were able to successfully run the "SomeObject Desktop" on Windows 7 and Windows XP/2000 Home Premium. Suggestions: 1. Write to the developer. 2. Send an a5204a7ec7

"SomeObject Desktop" is a free all-in-one application for Windows. It includes 3D graphics with full support for DirectX 8, OpenGL, and DirectX 9 calls. It is able to render a large range of meshes with textures, skinning, lights, shadows, and particle effects. It can run DLLs and native Windows DLLs directly from memory. You can use its COM objects to communicate with other applications. "SomeObject Desktop" includes window tool kit with transparent glass and layered window, support for "full screen rendering" and "full screen mode" for applications. It can support applets with different window features and various video formats. DirectX Support: "SomeObject Desktop" supports DirectX 8 calls. It is possible to run the DirectX 8 application from memory. Applications can be distributed as self-contained executable binaries. These are called Layered Applications. DirectX 9 Support: "SomeObject Desktop" supports DirectX 9 calls. It is possible to run the DX9 application from memory. Applications can be distributed as self-contained executables. DX8 and DX9 applications are fully compatible. The DX9 call set is more powerful and more flexible than the DX8 set. Applets Supported by "SomeObject Desktop" The "SomeObject Desktop" can run any Java application. More advanced Java application like desktop application, desktop widget and Java game can be written in Java2D API. Every Java application can be run from the "SomeObject Desktop". SomeObject Desktop Release Release "SomeObject Desktop" is the first release. Release is composed of a few applets and it is a complete desktop widget with DirectX version 1.0 and OpenGL version 1.1. This release is intended for developers who are looking for a quick and easy to learn framework for creating a few applets. It is also intended for developers who want to develop desktop applications in a few hours. Release is the second version of "SomeObject Desktop". Release is more complete and feature-rich version with DirectX 8 and DirectX 9 libraries, OpenGL 1.1 and OpenGL 1.2 libraries, Java2D and Java3D. Release

SomeObject Desktop Download [32|64bit] [Latest 2022]

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